Tobacco Committee February 2024 Minutes

Pickaway Addiction Action Coalition 

Tobacco Meeting Agenda and Minutes

February 21, 2024 @ 8AM 

Mission Statement: The Pickaway Addiction Action Coalition’s mission is to prevent adult and youth  drug abuse, addiction, overdose, and deaths. 

Vision Statement: Moving forward together to end substance use disorders in Pickaway County.


Lori Vandermark
Jamie McKeiver
Brittany Grate
Jill List
Betsy McGrawTy AnkromJohn StrawserAmy HamiltonJustin SchobelochSusan MetzgerTate VanFossenAmy Rhymer

Below is the agenda from our Tobacco Meeting that was held on Wednesday, 2.21.2024

TopicPerson Responsible for Topic
 Welcome and Purposeful MomentAmy/Betsy
Review the data & answer questions: What surprised you?
What concerns you?
What do you think other members of this group need to know?What trends are we seeing that need to be addressed?                
All/Amy H.
Roundtable Discussions             All
Schedule next Tobacco meetingAll
 Coalition DiscussionCoalition Action
WelcomeWaiting for one more school to be on board with the PRIDE survey!None
Tobacco Committee Update Betsy McGraw – PC Health Department – ChairWe discussed the PARS, Premier Network, Teays information regarding the data and our youth. Age of the youth when started?How frequent did the youth use?Where did the youth use tobacco?Officer Van Fossen from CCS informed us at CHS 40 vapes were caught at CHS (9-12).The students are given 10 OSS but can lessen the time if they do the video.  But is there anyone that follows up?  Officer Van Fossen will see how many repeat offenders are involved; as well as, CMS vape numbers Lori Vandermark from PrimaryOne Health shared that only 18 reported that they vape or smoked. Looking at other data with these 18 were some common factors like depression, ADHD/ADD, obesity or a sleep disorder.   The BIG factor is that most have been diagnosed with asthma or allergies (respiratory illness) out of the 18 students.
Roundtable   Amy Hamilton shared that we need a Problem Statement; as well as, two sources of data. Problem Statement: Youth Tobacco Use in Pickaway CountyAmong all youth in the State of Ohio about 16.4% (1 in 6) currently use at least one type of tobacco product compared with 9.3% nationally. (ODH, Tobacco Use Among Youth, 2021) The average age of first use of tobacco for Pickaway County youth was 12.8 years of age according to the 2019 PRIDE Survey.   Amy Rhymer sent an email to the School Resource Officers’ asking for the data in the same set up as Teays’ information.   Amy Hamilton would like all of us to review the data that is attached to the minutes and send Amy Rhymer their thoughts by 3.8.2024 (Friday) Look at the scope of the problem in our community? What is happening and what rate is it happening? Where is youth smoking and with whom? 
Next Meeting Will be held on the third Wednesday of every month; I will send out an invite.March 20, 2024 (Wednesday) at 8AM 

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