Alcohol Committee February 2024 Minutes


Alcohol Committee Agenda & Minutes February 14, 2023 @ 7:30 AM

 Shelly HarshaLisa PackerWill Scott – CVStaff
 Leah Raymer   Bella Watkins-CVJill List          SusanMetzger
 Brittany GrateJenny RhoadsSarah ScottAmyRhymer
 Amy Hamilton

Mission Statement: The Pickaway Addiction Action Coalition’s mission is to prevent adult and youth drug abuse,addiction, overdose, and deaths. Vision Statement: Moving forward together to end substance use disorders in Pickaway County.

TopicPerson Responsible for Topic
Welcome and Purposeful MomentAmy/Shelly
Review the data & Answer questionsWhat surprised you?
What concerns you?
What do you think other members of this group need to know?
What trends are we seeing that need to be addressed? 
Roundtable discussionsAll
Schedule next Alcohol MeetingAll
AgendaItemBoardDiscussionBoardAction Plan
A. Welcome & Purposeful MomentNone 
B. Data ReviewReviewed PARS data from TVEM and TVWM; as well as, the PRIDE survey that the four school districts took in 2018 and 2019. Leah, from PARS, discussed the PARS percentages of age of first use.  6th graders at TVEM 25.7% used alcohol 12 years or younger Questions were asked if the PRIDE survey asked if where youth drink alcohol and when. In 2021-22 – only Circleville and Westfall participated in the PRIDE survey.  Finalized that PARS and PRIDE will be our to data points for facts Clarified that it was not a sip of a parent’s drink at a holiday or special function 
C. Created a Problem StatementDiscussed who, where, and what?Problem Statement created: Underage alcohol use in Pickaway County
D. Data points – Need two to support our problem statementReviewed PARS and PRIDE surveys about how old student was when they took their first drink. Susan provided data that 9th graders age of 1st use was 12.7 years old and for 11th graders it was 14.6 years old. Teays Valley is giving OSS for students who are caught which is not a good situation because the students want to go home. “Out of sight, out of mind”  We will continue to research data for  Age of first use? Frequency of Use?  
H. Additional / OtherThe next alcohol meeting will be held on March 13, 2024 at 7:30AM at PAAC office and will be offered by zoom link.   

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