What We Do

Parent Resource Guide

Provides important emergency contact information that may provide a lifeline for county residents and helps teach parents and guardians how to start a conversation with their teens and answer frequently asked questions regarding alcohol and other often abused substances.

Parent Resource Guide

Safe Disposal of Medication

Deterra is on a mission to prevent drug abuse and protect our environment through safe, permanent disposal of unused prescription and over the counter medications. The Deterra Drug Deactivation and Disposal System is the only product that is independently tested and scientifically proven to destroy drugs for good.

We provide these bags at no cost to Pickaway County residents at our office.

Community Collaboration

PAAC continues to work with the listed community agencies to identify partnership in providing preventive messaging, education, and services to the community:

  • Pickaway Family & Children First Council
  • Pickaway Against Human Trafficking
  • PICCA – Continuum of Care
  • Pickaway County Healthcare & Providers
  • Foundations 4 Youth
  • Regional Coalitions through Paint Valley ADAMH Board
Circleville High School

Local School Collaboration

We work with our schools to to be the resource hub of prevention messaging. Some of the activities we have done include:

  • Implemented the Parent Resource Institute of Drug Education Survey in Circleville & Westfall Schools
  • Hosted ‘We Are The Majority’ watch party
  • Hosted ‘Be The Change Youth Rally’
  • Collaborated with PARS on developing professional development curriculum
  • Provided programming for student Leadership Day

Coalition Work

Our coalitions, Underage Alcohol Prevention and Tobacco and Vaping Prevention work on the following:

  • Prevention training for coalition members
  • Attend conferences and trainings to better serve our community
  • Advocacy to educate our state-elected officials
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Volunteer Opportunities

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