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Parent Resource Guide

Parent Resource Guide

Provides important emergency contact information that may provide a lifeline for county residents and helps teach parents and guardians how to start a conversation with their teens and answer frequently asked questions regarding alcohol and other often abused substances.

Start Talking Ohio

The Start Talking! program encourages age-appropriate conversations with children, early and often during their lives and provides information to educate parents on this issue and empower them to have these conversations.

Addiction Policy Forum

Working in states and communities across the country to end stigma, help patients and families in crisis and translate the science around addiction.

Parent Guidance

Offers education and therapeutic support to empower and give you hope as you support your child’s mental health.

My Life is Worth Living


Law Enforcement

Pickaway County Sheriff

(740) 474-2176 Dispatch
(740) 477-6000 Non-Emergency

Ashville Police

(740) 983-3112 Non-Emergency

Circleville Police

(740) 474-8231
(740) 477-3784 Anonymous Drug Tips

Commercial Point Police

(614) 877-9248 Non-Emergency

South Bloomfield Police

(740) 983-9482 Non-Emergency


Drug Testing

Lab Corp | 116 Morris Road | (740) 477-3596

Support Groups

PARS (740) 477-1745
(Family Resources Education & Empathy) (740) 420-9490
SPVMH CRISIS HOTLINE | (740) 477-2579

Haven House

(740) 477-9113

OhioHealth Berger

(740) 474-2126

Pickaway County Jobs and Family Services

(740) 474-7588

Pickaway County General Health District

(740) 477-9667

Scioto Paint Valley Mental Health

(740) 477-2579 Crisis Line
(740) 474-8874 Appointments

KNOW! Newsletters

Know! is an educational program by Prevention Action Alliance that empowers adults to promote health, wellness, and protect youth from unhealthy behaviors like substance use. It provides timely information on trends to support young people in making healthy choices.

Father and daughter holding paper with heart

Know! That Gratitude Matters

As we approach the end of the year and the start of the holiday season, we often reflect on what we are grateful for. Practicing gratitude is an essential skill

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Know! that Body Image Matters people smiling

Know! that Body Image Matters

Summer is in full swing, and with summer comes messaging about appearance and being “beach body” ready. For young people and adults alike, this kind of messaging can be harmful

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