When Your Teen Is Going To A Party

  • Call the host parent. Call to verify the party and offer assistance.
  • Make sure the parent will be present and that alcohol and other drugs will not be permitted.
  • Know where your child is going and with whom. Have the telephone number and address of the party, and ask your teen to call you if the location of the party changes. Also, let them know where you will be at the time.
  • Discuss how to handle possible situations. Let your teen know what you expect her/him to do if alcohol or drugs are offered. Help develop comfortable ways to refuse such drugs.
  • Know how your teen will get home from the party. Make it easy for your child to leave a party by making it clear that he or she can call you, a neighbor, or a friend for a ride home. Discuss the possible situations in which she or he might need to make such a call. Urge your teenager NEVER to ride home with a driver who has been drinking.
  • Greet your teenager when she or he comes home. Be awake or have your teen wake you when she or he arrives home. This can be a good way to check the time, as well as a way to talk about the evening. 

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