Information on Prescription Drugs

  • Since 2007, unintended drug overdoses have exceeded car crashes as the lead- ing cause of accidental death in Ohio.
  • More than 25% of Ohio high school students reported using a prescription drug without a doctor’s prescription at least once.
  • 70% of those who reported using prescription drugs non–medically got them from friends or relatives.
  • Keep your family and home safe: Inventory all medications in your home. Note the number of pills and refills remaining. Secure your medications. Medications need to be locked up. Discard expired or unused medications properly. Protect your family. It is important that parents and other adults talk with youth about the addictive nature of prescription medication and the dangers of sharing medication, taking another person’s medication, or utilizing your own medica- tion in a way other than prescribed.


Access Monday thru Friday
8:00 am to 4:00 pm
Sherriff’s Office Lobby
600 Island Road
Circleville, Ohio 43113

  • All medications must be in a container
  • No loose medications accepted
  • Do not bring needles, lancets, syringes, inhalers or liquid
  • Prescriptions we safely dispose:
    • Unused or expired prescriptions, pills & patches
    • Medication samples
    • Pet medications

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