Parents Make a Difference

Questions for Parents to Ask Themselves

As a parent, you need to be aware of your attitudes and behaviors regarding the use of alcohol and other drugs because these are what your children are likely to copy. The following questions will help you take an honest look at these attitudes and behaviors.

  • When you are feeling sad or nervous, do you usually take something to get rid of the feeling?
  • Are you proud of how much you can drink?
  • Have your children ever seen you drunk?
  • Do you joke about getting drunk?
  • Do you always rely on medication to handle minor aches and pains?
  • Do you often take a prescription or non-prescription sleeping aid to fall asleep?
  • Have your children seen you smoke marijuana or use prescription drugs for recreation?
  • Do you smoke cigarettes?
  • Is drinking often the focus of conversation in your home?
  • Do you attend parties or events that involve a lot of drinking?
  • Do you drink and drive?
  • Do you ride with drivers who have been drinking?
  • Do you use alcohol or any other drug in a way that you don’t want your children to?

Based on a family study by the Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation, children are more prone to drug abuse if their parents:

  • Smoke cigarettes
  • Abuse alcohol or are alcoholics
  • Take illicit drugs
  • Use any substance to help master stress
  • Impact an ambivalent or positive attitude about drugs

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